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Pet Care is Our Passion!

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Willow and Jazzmine

Christine has been caring for animals for over 20 years.  She has been a lifelong pet owner herself with cats, dogs, birds and fish.  She starting running age of 15 and always a four-legged companion accompany her on her runs.  Christine's current furry family includes her two kitties, Willow and Jazzmine (see photo below).

Prior to founding P Is 4 Paws Pet Care, LLC, Christine has been involved in pet sitting and dog walking on a part time basis over the years since she was a teenager. She has also been a devoted volunteer at many no kill animal shelters over her lifetime and is committed to continuing the fight to help these poor innocent animals find loving and caring homes.

Christine is extremely passionate about animals and has taken care of many types of pets including dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, mice, lizards, gerbils, rabbits and birds. Due to the special intimate bonds she has formed with her own pets and the animals she has cared for over the years, she feels she fully understands these special family members and can give them exactly what they need.

Christine was in the healthcare industry for 20 years; 15 of those years she was a dental hygienist and prior to that she was a massage therapist. She studied health education and psychology at the University of Houston then went on to dental hygiene school.   The education and experience she gained gave her an in-depth understanding of caring for other individuals and their health needs which made it a seamless transition into animal care.  After many years in the healthcare field, Christine decided that her true passion was for animals and wanted to devote all of her professional life to taking care of your precious babies.

Christine also is a Trauma Informed Certified Coach. She wanted to complete this certification to help guide pet owners whose precious pets have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Pet Bereavement can be a very difficult struggle to get through. She will comfort and support you so that you may partner together to help you through this very emotional time. Emotional trauma can affect the body and mind in a very negative way. Coaching with Christine can bring a sense of inner peace and calmness and help you to recover and heal from losing a precious member of your family.

Benefits of Having a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

  • Your pet is not exposed to illness of other pets in a boarding facility
  • Your pet will not feel uncomfortable and stressed in an unfamiliar environment
  • Your pet will be able to maintain their regular diet and playtime routines
  • Your pet receives one on one quality time and TLC
  • Your pet is able to get regular exercise during the day to keep them healthy
  • You will not have to worry about your pet having an accident like urinating in the house
  • You will have peace of mind knowing someone is there to check up on your home while you are on vacation or working.
  • Your pets will not feel lonely during the day because someone will be there to give them lots of love and attention
  • Your dog could meet other dogs and help with socialization skills if deemed safe to do so

It Makes My Heart So Happy!

At P Is 4 Paws Pet Care, we will treat your beloved pets like family and always in a loving and caring way. We believe that animals are like children and a part of the family. With us, they will always be treated respectfully and with lots of love.

Whether it’s playing fetch, chasing laser toys or rubbing bellies and giving scratches where needed, we aim to please and will go above and beyond to take care of your beloved pets.

Choose P Is for Paws Pet Care if you are looking for a pet care provider who is:

  • Fully bonded and insured.
  • Accredited member of Pet Sitter’s Associates, LLC.
  • Certified in pet first aid.

We believe customer service always comes first and want to give you and your pets the feeling that you are very important to us!